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Best Dublin pubs off the Tourist trail

With nearly 800 pubs in Dublin alone, you won’t be hard pushed to find somewhere to have a jar and take a break from all the sightseeing.
Here at Unheard Adventures, we have compiled some of our favourite pubs, off the tourist track and frequented by locals.

The Cobblestone

Situated in one of Dublin’s oldest neighbourhoods, Smithfield, the Cobblestone pub offers some of the best live traditional music you’ll hear anywhere, seven nights a week and twice on weekends.
The pub advertises themselves as ‘a drinking pub with a music problem,' so if you want to hear a lively, authentic traditional session that is aimed as much at locals as it is at visitors, this is the place for you.
All surrounded with very old cobblestone streets of old-time Dublin, and only 15 minutes from the City Centre, make sure you put this down on your list.

The Gravediggers

Perhaps one of the longest generational pubs in Ireland, The Gravediggers is a Dublin institution. The pub got its nickname because it’s built into the wall of Glasnevin Cemetery – another hidden gem worth visiting while you are in Dublin.
Since John Kavanagh opened the doors in 1833, the pub has remained in its original state. No singing or dancing has been allowed, and there’s never been a telephone or a TV.
And for the Guinness connoisseurs like us, it is hands down one of the best pints of the Black Stuff in Dublin.

The Library Bar

In the heart of Dublin’s City Centre and located just on the corner of the busy Camden Street, is one of the best-kept secrets in Dublin, the Library Bar.
Dating back to the 19th Century, the Library Bar pub tucked away on the second floor of the Central Hotel, has become a traditional place for Dubliners to grab a drink.
There are no signs or big advertisements for the bar, so customers are always the locals who have learned about this place years ago.
Plenty of bookshelves, fine chandeliers shining, heavy curtains draping, no radio or television blaring, the place oozes old world charm and elegance. No wonder people who love the library Bar are trying to keep it a secret for the fear it will become overrun!
After some shopping at nearby Brown Thomas, this is the ideal venue to unwind.

Mary's pub & Hardware store

From hardware bits and bobs (yes you read that correctly), to burger and pints, Mary’s is undoubtedly one of Dublin’s unique bars.
Just stones throw away from Trinity College, Mary’s bar offers an intimate rustic setting to share a drink with Dublin locals, as well as meeting your small grocery needs.
Good old fashioned pints, and a selection of hardware – put this one on your Dublin to-do list.

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