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Helping you understand the world better through the eyes of locals.

Unheard Adventures is a travel hub focusing solely on community and the expertise of local, under used tourism providers that can provide an authentic experience, whilst ensuring a unique memory for customers. You won't come to our site to visit the large tourist attractions but will come to experience a genuinely authentic local experience from artisan and quirky providers.

We are a purpose driven enterprise with a strong commitment to responsible travel. We ensure that all of our experiences positively impacts the people and places we visit.

Our work is underpinned by our three key values…


The best way to see a country is with a local. We connect you with locals who have shared interests and are passionate about their home. Our experiences are designed and hosted by the local community ensuring you have the most authentic experience with us.


All of our experiences have a low environmental impact. We ensure every aspect minimises resource consumption, protects the environment and aids the local communities in which we operate in.


Immerse yourself in and embrace the true cultural experiences that the island of Ireland has to offer. Our experiences offer the most authentic and enriching experiences, while ensuring social, environmental and economic benefits to all involved.
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